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Getting started with CrossFit couldn’t be easier. Just give us a call to book onto our foundation course and start your journey to complete health and fitness.


Unless you have previous experience in CrossFit you will need to complete the foundations course. This will slowly introduce you to the movements and intensities of CrossFit whilsts building your confidence in a group. You will learn the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit plus many other technical barbell and gymnastic movements. You will be coached through skilled movement and then you will perform the WOD (workout of the day), don’t worry, the WODs are fully scalable. You will gradually increase the intensity over the coming month and this will prepare you for the regular classes.


There are 3 classes per week and you will be assesed on the 9 movements throughout the month. After the completion of the months course you can then join the regular classes where your fitness and movement will grow with fellow CrossFitters. You will be coached and learn new movements whilst developing all of the 10 key areas in fitness.


You can choose to have personal training which will move you through the process quickly and gives you that one to one coaching experience..